Fat Loss After 50

Fat Loss From Scratch (Basic)

Lose 10 lbs of Belly Fat in 5 Weeks without Starving Yourself and Feeling Miserable Even if You Don't Have Time to Get to the Gym

Reboot Your Body to Factory Settings

Burn Fat Fast


This is not a gimmicky diet to quickly lose some weight only to regain it later. This is a step by step system to implement a whole new way of life both with respect to how you eat and how well you move and exercise.

Build Muscle


You want to build muscle to combat the effects of aging. Loss of muscle mass or sarcopenia is why you're feeling old but you can reverse these effects with a well designed strength building program. This program is for Men over 50 and developed and optimized by a Guy over 60.

Training Outline


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Keys to Success


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Measure What Matters

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Bonus Material

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Fat Loss 101 - Background

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Fat Loss 101 - Action Items

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Low Carb Food Guides

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Building Aerobic Capacity

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Fat Loss 101- Summary

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Accelerate Fat Loss - Review


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Accelerate Fat Loss - Action Items


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Building Muscle 101


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Accelerate Fat Loss - Summary

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Exercise Videos

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Advanced Fat Loss - Review


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  • Advanced Fat Loss Skills
  • Intermittent Fasting
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Advanced Fat Loss - Action Items


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Increase Testosterone


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Advanced Fat Loss - Summary

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Advanced Fat Loss - Mods


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  • How to Not Suck at Fat Loss
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  • primal carbohydrate curve
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  • Your Insulin Response
  • genetics and disease 1
  • video 3 glucose insulin
  • waist to height ratio
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Are You Progressing?


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Fat Loss From Scratch Review

  • Program Review

About the Old Spartan

Mark Fickler

Mark Fickler

Over-50 Fitness Savior

Mark, aka Old Spartan, is a 62 year old coffee guzzling Primal Health Coach wandering around Albuquerque, New Mexico.

His short bio:

About 15 years ago, I learned from a Personal Trainer/Chiropractor/Triathlete guy that my life-long bad back was really just a weak back and could be solved by lifting weights and getting strong again.

This led to an epiphany:

Strength Solves All Problems

And it got me training again and I got back into decent shape but my weight still fluctuated up and down (and my belly showed it). Building muscle mass is good for a lot of things, particularly anti-aging things, but it's not the key to permanent fat loss.

It's the food. It's always the food.

I learned this important lesson when getting my Primal Health Certification in January of 2016. It finally all came together - a program and system based on evolutionary science.

You need a system that works with your body's natural programming. Movement, food, exercise, sleep, stress and sunshine all matter. Give your body what it wants and it will respond in kind - by giving you what you want:

Life long health and fitness.


What You'll Learn

How to Lose Belly Fat

Increase Testosterone

How to Build Muscle

Eliminate Aches & Pains

Increase Energy & Vitality

Wean Yourself from Medications


I liked the way the coaching program broke the complex down to simple, actionable advice. Mark's approach makes you realize what's attainable with a bit of planning and commitment. I lost 25 lbs pretty quickly.
Mike Reckner Delaware
Followed your Old Spartan advise & lost 30 lb. Got back 32 in. waist and can run 8 min mile no sweat. Basically cannot believe what I see in the mirror. I look and perform better at 55 than at 40.
Mark Gelfand New York City
I lost 16 pounds during the program and 4 inches off my waist alone. The amazing thing was I did this during the Holiday season.
Jeff Hogue Kentucky


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Evolution & Optimal Health

$9 value
Snapshot: Learn how two and a half million years of selection pressure and harsh environmental circumstances created the perfect genetic recipe for human health and longevity.


Gene Expression & Reprogramming

$9 value
Snapshot: Gene switches turn on or off according to signals received from their environment. You can manipulate and optimize gene expression through foods, workouts, and lifestyle behaviors.

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